Monday, April 6, 2015

Cake - Bahia Blanca, Argentina

Well it was a good week with lots of fun and cake. I was able to understand more Spanish this week and talked with a little more confidence, which is good. At one door I was maybe a little too fast with my speaking and replying. I started off fine by saying that we
were missionaries of The Church of Jesus Christ and then they said, "Well what do you want?", and I was like "We have questions for you ... " Yeah I wasn't really thinking. We did have a questioner and we were going around asking people the questions on it.

I ate a lot this week because of my birthday. On Saturday, the actual birthday, my companion got up early to make a German pancake for me, it was super good, then we each ate three huge, whopper sized, hamburgers for lunch by a member. These were probably the best hamburgers I have had in my life. Later, I had more cake that my companion had made. That night we went to an investigator's house, and they gave me more cake.

On Sunday we had lunch with a member and they served hamburgers and again they were super good. (I think they just know how to do it right down here in Argentina). I ate three again and then had a whole plate full of pasta.

Conference was great, I really like Elder Holland's talk. I was able to listen to that session in English, thanks to the AP's.

Con Amor
Elder Blazzard

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