Monday, April 13, 2015

Mud Week - Millamapu, Bahia Blanca, Argentina

Good Week!  Everything was pretty muddy in the beginning of this week because of the dirt roads. It made walking fun. I keep on forgetting to tell you that Elder Bloomfield and I are related, His grandma and Holland Ford were cousins with their common Grandpa being John Hugh Ford.

My companion and I are still running in the mornings.  One night we were going to be late getting home if we didn't run and we had about 400m to go so we had 'fun' running home in the dark in our suites. I am sure people probably thought that we were the CIA or something. We made it in 9:29. (Beat it, in a suit).

I made french fries, soup and apple pie this week.My companion is getting pretty anxious about going home next week. We will baptize a little girl this next Sunday. Everyone is a member in her family except her parents. The oldest brother is awesome and basically he does all the work in the family. He was the first convert in the family and has a very strong testimony of the gospel. I'm a little sick right now, but I think I getting better.I'm doing really well and I am having fun. I have never learneded so much in my life. It is hard to believe that it has been 5 weeks. These weeks have been the fastest weeks of my life.

It now just started to pour and I'm hearing very loud thunder which is exciting. I have no coat and I'm in short sleeves, awesome! Ether 12:12-18

Con Amor, Elder Blazzard

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