Monday, October 26, 2015

!Por Acha!

Hola Todos. At the beginning of this week, it was very hot and then it was very rainy. This weird weather is killing my ears. We met and had very good lessons with two families this week. They are very nice to us with food and drinks, and one of the families can speak English so that was fun. Yesterday was a weird day because after church we received a call from the Zone Leaders indicating that we were to stay in our apartment the rest of the day until this morning. They said it was for the elections that currently underway. I did hear a lot of honking and screaming last night, which was kind of scary, but of course nothing happened. I am doing great and we are really digging in here in Acha ¡POR ACHA! (it's all over the walls here) Elder Blazzard

Monday, October 19, 2015

La Obra en el Barrio

Hola! This week was good in that we did a lot of work with the active and inactive members of the barrio. For the most part is was positive. I am feeling more comfortable expressing my feelings about the Gospel with others. On Friday, I went on divisions with an Elder from Peru. It was fun. We played some basketball at the church with some investigators Saturday. The rims are like 8ft off the ground so I was able to dunk with ease, so that was awesome. We continue to push members to reach out to others with love and they are taking it well and all seem to want to work so that is good.

Love, Elder Blazzard

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Gerenal Acha 16 X 16

Hola. We changed our p-day this week to Tuesday because there was a holiday yesterday and they thought everything would be closed, but no everything was open still, oh well. I'm in Gerenal Acha with Elder Hand from California, a very dedicated missionary that did a complete 180 with his life and now is serving with all that he has and it's very motivating for me. The town is about 16 by 16 blocks, so not very big, but I
have heard that there are about 400 members here, but only about 30 are active right now, so yeah we have a ton a work to do. We have
already committed a lot of members to do their home teaching and get them excited again. I will be playing the piano for the primary children as they perform on mother's day here. I am a little nervous for that and I will be playing very week for church as that I am the only person that can play in this "ward". The good thing is that everyone here loves the missionaries, which is normal in Argentina, but the challenge is to get the members to love each other. I feel blessed every day to be a missionary, doing something as important as this work. I also feel extremely blessed to have the family that I have.

les quiero
Elder Blazzard

Monday, October 5, 2015

Transferred to General Acha

Hey guys this week was good, We talked to one of our investigators with boldness about why it is so important to go to church and participate with the saints. I think it went well and I hope she comes this Sunday, but will only know by email because I have been transferred to the Santa Rosa stake and the General Acha ward (which is quite large geographically). I am in Bahia Blanca right now but I am not really sure why because Santa Rosa is just west of Trenque Lauquen and Carlos Casares. Not sure about the planning on that trip which could have been three hours versus all day but oh well. I leave for my new area at 5 PM today. I don't think that the Zone leaders knew that here was a bus from Trenque to Santa Rosa.

Well anyways besides all of that I am doing great, my Spanish is good, and my knowledge of the gospel continues to grow.

Con Amor
Elder Blazzard