Monday, April 20, 2015

More Mud and a New Comp - Bahia Blanca, Argentina

My new companion's name is Elder Virden from Colorado. He is nerd, so we are doing awesome because I can talk to him about computers and the like. He lost 50 pounds since he started his mission. He has been out for 19 months beginning in September of 2013, a year before Garrett.

It has been a very rainy week and thus, very muddy. One road just turned into a river in my area and it made walking around interesting.

Elder Bloomfield went to the mission office today he leaves tomorrow morning.

The baptism of G went well. Sorry, but I forgot my camera.

It's crazy that a six weeks have passed, it went way faster then the MTC.

I have seen a few spiders this week and yeah they were pretty big. One time the father of G came out of their house with is hands cup like he was holding something and he was trying to get his kids to put their hands under neath his, finally is wife comes out and does, he drops the biggest spider I have seen, besides a tarantula, but it look like a baby tarantula. She screamed of course. I got up from my chair to be ready to move and the kids started playing with the spider. I was like what is going on?  My companion is motioning to me like lets get out of here. Franco the oldest one sees my fear and so he kills the spider with is hands and says "esta bien Elder," and I was like "Ahora... si!"

Ether 12:37, I read this to Elder Bloomfield before he left.

Con Amor, Elder Blazzard

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