Monday, February 23, 2015

MTC Life - Provo, Utah

Another good, fast week at the MTC in Provo, Utah. I am still reading en El Libro de Mormon. Spanish is still coming along nicely and I'm able to understand more and more each day. I still mostly play volleyball during gym time but one day everyone wanted to workout so I played some basketball with some other elders.  We had 3 teams of 3, first to 7 wins and the first team we played wasn't very good so we beat them pretty easily.  So we stayed in and played against the obviously better team. Nobody on my team could shoot very well, so I thought it would be okay to be a little bit of a ball hog in this game.  I make my first three pointer (which just counts as two points), but the other team is just scoring every time they get the ball. I score a 1 pointer and so does one of my teammates, and the game gets tied at 5 points apiece, so I take matters into my own hands and shoot a three pointer and just drill it. We win and they're mad.

An Elder in the other companionship has been really wanting a letter and he hasn't received a letter in like two weeks, so on Thursday my companion and I go and check for mail after dinner, like normal.  There's nothing but we see this Elder coming and my companion looks at me and says, "run", so we run as hard as we can back to the residence hall.  The letter less Elder starts chasing us thinking that we have mail for him.  He finally catches us and finds out we have no mail and he's ticked. I know it was a little mean, but it was also a little funny. He keeps saying he is going to write off his girlfriend if she doesn't write him, but I don't think he will, before she does. ha

We got one of our investigators to commit to baptism this, it was pretty cool, and felt pretty cool too.

Dios le ama

     Elder Blazzard

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