Monday, February 9, 2015

MTC - Provo, Utah

This week went great, I learned a lot of Spanish and a lot on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I was made District Leader of my district yesterday at church ... I basically just pick up the mail for everyone.

Thanks for the candy (it's gone). It was nice to see Sister Killian (Davis) a couple of times this week.

Everyone in my district is saying Gracies, you know what I mean, because of me (Brock is talking about saying Garcias versus Gracias, just like given Adios a LeBeuf Texas Ranger accent).  Its really funny.

Everyday we teach a lot of people (practice). I'm starting to get sick of hearing and trying to speak in Spanish because it's giving me headaches. I played basketball a couple of times this past week, but I mostly play volleyball with my district which is really fun. It reminds me of the times we would play volleyball at the Ford's house.

We had a great devotional this Sunday.  The devotional really pumped me up and made me just want to get out into the field. I feel that my Spanish is coming along nicely, and that I can teach the lessons well. I am getting better at responding to questions. My only big problem is pronouncing words correctly.

I played the piano for Priesthood meeting this Sunday and will probably play for Sacrament meeting next week.

     Elder Blazzard

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