Monday, February 2, 2015

MTC - Provo, Utah

Well this was a long week and it feels like its been a year since I was home. It has only been six days. The flight to SLC was fine but it was a little confusing to find the express shuttle to the MTC. I found it eventually and signed in. Then in about 10 minutes the place was full of around 10 missionaries. There was this one sister missionary with a name tag of Sister Owens (how she had a name tag already does not make sense unless she was leaving for the field) who looked right at me a said,  "Elder Blazzard?" (confused) and I was like what. Well it took awhile figure out but she was coming from a mini mission in Tennessee and she knew Garrett (Elder Blazzard).

I haven't seen Davy (Sister Killian who is headed to the Philippines this month) yet, weird I know.

The Spanish language is coming surprisingly easy. I said a pray in Spanish on my second day.  One of the first to do so in my district. My teacher was very impressed. On my third day I could say my testimony, and then on my fifth day my companion and I taught a lesson in Spanish and only responded to questions in Spanish as well.

Spanish is giving me grande headache, and when I read something in English, my brain will just start to translate words randomly into Spanish.

My companion is Elder Driggs from Arizona, he's a good guy.  The district consists of Elder Tew (Dos) and Elder Way (Camino), Hermana Winn and Hermana  Child, and finally Hermana Martin and Hermana  Littlefield. My District is great we have a lot of fun. Our teacher, Sister Frerell, returned from a mission in Chile this past May.

The food does give you problems and everyone has them.
The bathrooms....  No Beuno.

Elder Blazzard

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