Monday, May 25, 2015

Happenings - Bahia Blanca, Argentina

On Monday I lost my debit card and my white bible which meant I had to close down that account and order a new card. Hopefully it arrives. I also completed the 1kg ice cream challenge, pretty easy (cake walk or rather, ice cream walk). I practice the piano every p-day. It has been another fast week and transfer calls are this Saturday. I am pretty excited to know if I will move or not. We worked with the members a lot this week which is always good and we were able to reach out to a less-active family which we hope will become fully active in the gospel.

One night this week, after a lot of walking I was just starving and we decided to say hi to some members. They invited us inside and gave us some food. It was spaghetti, they just cooked the noodles then poured some cold red sauce and some half and half on the top. It was so good.

I also broke an Elder's cable on accident and he kind of freaked out a like bit.  So I was like calm done, I got this, and with the supplies around the house I was able to fix it. He was amazed. (Hay un foto en Dropbox).

Con Amor, Elder Blazzard

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