Monday, March 16, 2015

First Week - Bahia Blanca, Argentina

Well I made it safe and sound. The flight was long, but cool. Buenos Aires was so hot and I was sweating so bad. Bahia Blanca is awesome and my first area is in the northern section of Bahia Blanca,  The first night was crazy, we tracted and I understood nada. I just followed the Elder I was assigned to and at one point we got into a car with a member (I think). Everyone drives so crazy here, going through intersections like they are nothing, we almost crashed a few times. Then I slept at the AP's house with about 13 other Elders, I was hot, but thankfully I was so tired I fell asleep fast.

My first field companion is Elder Bloomfield, it's his last transfer, but he really wants to end strong. He is helping me learn the language and to adjusting to missionary life.

Well, I haven't eaten a lot and I have been walking like 20 miles a day, it's awesome. I probably have lost like 10 to 15 pounds already. My feet have nasty blisters (so pray for my feet if anything at all) and I'm always super thirsty, pero esta bien, porque the people are super nice and friendly and we talk to a ton a people each day. It feels like I have been here forever already. I have even showed some ninos the take have your finger trick, they thought it was so cool.

Argentina is very beautiful and the sunsets are just awesome, because it is pretty flat here.

Dogs, dogs everywhere, it's crazy, but most of them are nice, and if they are crazy you just bend own like you are going to get a rock, and they scatter, like a flock of birds, it's pretty funny.

This scripture is for my brothers, who are in the field. Alma 31:32-35

Con Amor
Elder Blazzard

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