Thursday, March 24, 2016

Some Are Past Feeling and Some Are Confused

Hello Everyone,

I hope everything is well with you all. This week was good and long. We had a contact this week that seemed super good and so we made a return date and when we came we found him with his pastor and friend. They were ready to attack ... so yeah not the most fun thing to happen. First, they attacked the Godhead, then The Book of Mormon, and then the restoration. We answered their questions calmly and carefully, but they were "past feeling".  We did have some good lessons this week and we put some dates for baptisms. One couple is going to get married on the 29th of April and baptized the next day.

Transfers are this weekend I am probably going, since I've been here in General Acha - Santa Rosa Zone for the past 6 months.

All is well,
Elder Blazzard

Bonus points if you can guess where "past feeling" is from.

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