Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Contacting and Serving

Hello Everyone,

I am writing late this week because of the national holiday yesterday in Argentina. Our p-day is today.

This week was great with a lot of contacting and meeting with members about the work. It was fun to get to know them. We even contacted into a girl from England and so we did the discussion in English. It was very different and cool. I may have been too giddy during the lesson.

For service this week we put in a second floor in a building and the work was very difficult. We had to saw the floor planks to the right length then nail them to the joists. The best part though was that it was for a contact that we did earlier in the week.  We have a lesson with him this week, he is super awesome.

I gave a talk on Sunday during sacrament and the members thought it was funny. Today we ate at a Pizza libre with some recent converts. I ate 14 slices :)

Elder Blazzard

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