Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Scout Camp Again

Hola Todos,

We had a lot of great lessons with investigators and menos activos this week. We taught this guy that lives in the very corner of our area which is about three miles from our house.  We had to catch a bus to go to Viedma for a Zone Meeting after that discussion and we missed the bus and had to hail a taxi to catch the bus at another bus stop further down the route.  We arrived at the bus stop on time to catch the bus and made it to the Zone Meeting in Viedma.

On Saturday, we went to a Scout thing to teach during their spiritual moment event because some less actives were in attendance. Well, we got there and because of the holiday Dia del NiƱo they didn´t have a spiritual moment.  We ended up still talking to the boss man about who we are and he liked it and invited us to the meeting next Saturday. Sunday we had one of our investigators show up again to church. It was awesome and I gave a talk about the Atonement and the Holy Ghost.

Today we went to the mar again for P-day de Zona, it was fun, I skipped a lot of rocks again.

Thanks for all the support

Elder Blazzard

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