Monday, November 2, 2015

La General Acha Barrio

This week was good and the work is progressing. We should have a baptism this Saturday and the
following if everything goes to plan. One morning I discovered bug bites all over my body. I had a super bad case of bed bugs. I cleaned that problem up and I think I got it fixed for good. We had interviews with el Presidente after stake conference in Santa Rosa. I was good. We are to expect more changes coming to the mission in terms of hours.  We work in the morning instead of studying and then do our studying during the siesta around midday.  This is a very good adjustment which I like. Also starting in January we will not be able to eat at other people's homes, even members, so they
are going to double our money, which is awesome because I didn't even get feed in my last two areas.

Elder Blazzard

D&C 123: 12 - 17

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