Monday, November 30, 2015

Evangelico Cosas

This week was a very busy week. On Tuesday,  we had a noche de hogar with m and m and their family (they are the only members in their family). We played 20 questions which is fairly difficult in Spanish. We ate torta frita and had a good lesson on building your life on gospel principles.
Wednesday we had lunch with a member and they gave us noodles with brains. Pretty good. We also went to an evangélico church because we were invited to go by one of our investigadores ( a son of
one of their apostles. I might of let the extra air come out of my nose when I heard that). Their church was very interesting being very loud and a little scary.

On Thursday we had a lesson with a reference we received and it went very well and she acts like a true investigator with lots of questions. That night we ran into the English teacher and she asked us
what we are doing for Thanksgiving and we said nothing much, maybe delivery. She didn't like that answer so she invited us over for a Thanksgiving cena the next night. We had steak and intestines, so
gross, but I put it down of course.

On Saturday we played soccer and football at the church with our friends. Yesterday we  had church and I played the piano.

Les quiero, Elder Blazzard

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