Monday, December 12, 2016

Villa Harding Green

Hello All,

This week was pretty crazy in the new area of Villa Harding Green of Bahia Blanca. As you know, I had served near this area before when I was in Millamapu at the beginning of my mission around a year and a half ago. I knew a lot of people here. One sister recongized me and went crazy when she saw me. She had thought I was already home. The area is good and the branch has like 70 active, so this area has the biggest branch/ward of all the areas in which I have served.

Eight missionaries sleep in our house and we sleep outside. It's fun but the bugs are eating me alive. Yesterday I woke up and couldn't feel my finger because of a spider bite. I was also sun burned real bad Wednesday when we were doing service.

Elder Blazzard

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