Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Hello Everyone, This last week of missionary week was busy adn good. On Monday, for p-day, we played a lot of ping pong. On Tuesday it was raining hard. Wednesday we contacted a lot of people including Jehovah's Witnesses, that was fun. On Thursday another Jehovah's Witness let us into his home to talk to us about his beliefs.

We listened quietly for an hour or so, then we bore our testimonies and left. On Friday we were in a trio because Elder Gallard's companero was in a leadership meeting in Bahia. The day went well. On Saturday we worked into eight more contacts in the morning, one being a snake, that literally danced her way towards us, smiling. That was funny. Sunday we talked with a Adventista from Bolivia very nice, but only talked about Saturday as a religious point of doctrine. Last Night we had an Asado, super rico. In todo we had 23 contacts this week, meaning somebody that we talked to that accepted a return lesson.

Elder Blazzard

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