Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Activities and the Atlantic Ocean

The week was awesome as we worked a lot and had a lot of fun. The Sabado activity was super successful and fun. Sunday there was a dinner party and we eat a lot of Asado que fue super rico. It reminded me of home ward parties. This morning, on p-day, we went traveled to the Atlantic Ocean to a place they call it La Boca, where the river flows into the ocean. We left really early at 4:30 a.m. and when we got there it was still dark so we were able to see the beautiful sun rise. the entire beach was so cool.

I was so excited that I ran super fast all the way to the shore, took some photos, and then stripped off my shoes and socks, and ran in. It was sooo cold I lasted like a minute and got out. I then thought to take more pictures and I then realized that my camera wasn't in my pocket. I thought maybe it's by my shoes, but no. I then realized it fell into the ocean. The camera had fallen out of my pocket without me realizing it.  I must of been just to excited, so yeah my camera is now in the Atlantic Ocean.

Well I still wanted to have fun so I ran back in with Elder Evanson. We then decided to run a each other and do one of those jump and hug things (you know, to be funny). Well, I jumped into his arms and then things went bad fast. I fell into the ocean right onto my back getting completely wet. It was so cold. I got out quickly and talked with the others and decided to change into some new underwear and some long johns that Elder Satterfield had with him, the long johns were basically black leggings. So I changed my clothes getting sand everywhere :-|. We almost had a problem with the hermanas. After that things went smoothly enough. We played football on the beach and skipped rocks and looked at stuff, so yeah a really fun day in the end.

Elder Blazzard

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